Welcome to StreetSmart, LLC - Decorative Aluminum Streetscape Accessories 

StreetSmart, LLC is your best source for handcrafted, American made, Decorative Aluminum Street Sign Frames, Banner Arms, Flower Pot Hangers, Cast Aluminum Backplates and Flag Holders for your decorative lighting poles.  All of our decorative streetscape accessories fit many decorative poles without any drilling or modifications to the pole.

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StreetSmart, LLC - Your Source for Decorative Aluminum Streetscape Accessories for Decorative Street Lighting Poles:

  • Decorative Aluminum Street Sign Frames, (For standard 6" or 9" high D.O.T. Sign Blades)
  • Cast Aluminum Traffic Sign Backplates
  • Banner Arms
  • Combination Banner Arm/Flag Holders
  • Flower Pot Hangers
  • Custom Products


Our products are made in the USA

All aluminum construction with stainless steel fastners. 

Our products are easily installed on new or existing 3", 4" or 5" O.D. straight, round poles, with no alterations or penitrations to pole, by using our 3", 4" or 5" mounting collars.

Our products are easily installed on new or existing 5" to 8" O.D. straight or tapered, round or octangnal poles, with no alterations or penitrations to pole, by using our 5" to 8" mounting clamp.

Durable powder coat finish,  (Medium gloss, black polyester, standard)

Custom powder coat colors available.



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